We offer custom tailored human factor training in the area of aviation and medicine and for personnel working in high risk environments.
Additionally we provide management coaching.

Historical evolution/development

The requirements in commercial aviation have demanded for several years that managers, flying and technical personnel require basic and recurrent training in the area of human factors. These requirements were based on lessons learned from medical / aviation studies and accidents reports. The gained knowledge showed that 60% to 90% of the failures were caused by lack of professional human behaviour. Thus the continuous improvement of processes and further development of personal behaviour/skills is paramount to achieve safe and efficient operations. It can be clearly concluded from these papers that personal deficits in both technical expertise and non-technical competence of the individual were contributing factors leading to accidents. To mention some of these contributing factors here are a few examples:

Training contents and training goals

Professional behaviour from top management down to the individual is not only focused on technical competence (expertise) but also on the emphasis/degree of non-technical competence (interpersonal skills). The long term goal is improving these interpersonal skills.
In combination with a positive working climate and a profound safety culture in organisations, these points will reduce the amount of incidents/accidents in the long term.